Play as a character who is about to head home from space. You must play through different rooms that each contain puzzles. Solve the puzzles and work your way to stop the mysterious aliens on board.

Note From Developer: This game is still in development. This is my first game ever. On top of working a full time job I'm a father and a husband. I really enjoy games and I've always wanted to make them for myself. This project has been 1 week of learning Aseprite and GbStudio. I've loved every second of it.  I'll be expanding on it a lot more if you're interested. Thank you for taking the time check out my game!

Development log


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Hey, not bad for a first attempt! Considering you started from scratch I'm impressed how much you managed to do in 1 week! What are you planning to add next?


Thank you! I'm hoping to add more content to it. I know's really short at the moment. This means more puzzles, rooms, and story. I hope to add more detail to each room as they look a little plain. 

I also will be adding music. I started looking into it when I was working on the game but I quickly realized that it's going to take some time for me to learn and add.

Any other suggestions are greatly appreciated. This is my first game so I hope to learn a lot from it. 

Thank you again!


My suggestion would be to work on it as you please and add what you want, I'm curious what you'll come up with :). Give me a reply when you feel you've added enough to warrant a second playthrough, I wouldn't mind finding out how this continues!

Thank you so much! I'll keep you updated!